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Solaer Solar Powered Lake and Pond Aeration System


The Solaer® solar aeration system is one of the most complete pond & lake aeration systems available in the world. The patented Solaer® system provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of pond aeration as well as lake aeration. By aerating lakes and ponds using solar energy, clean and healthy water is constantly renewed using the free energy provided by the sun. The superior Solaer® system allows you to implement a one-of-a-kind system, powered by the sun, which needs virtually no maintenance.

The Solaer® system is a one-of-a-kind solar aeration system that was developed by Keeton Industries as an alternative to grid powered aeration (usually fossil fuel). Solar aerators are great for both remote installations and environmentally conscience applications. They are for aquatic environments ranging in size from small ornamental ponds to lakes up to 5 acres.

Solar Powered Lake

Solar pond aerators pay for themselves with time, resulting in an unbelievable cost savings over grid-powered aeration systems. Plus, unlike grid-powered systems, you won’t have to worry about power outages reeking havoc on your aquatic habitat.

These fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating conditions. The battery backup system allows them to run like normal under less-than-optimal conditions. Built for both hot and cold climates, no climate is too harsh for our Solaer aeration systems.

Product benefits:

  1. Improves the esthetics and overall health of ponds and lakes
  2. Targets the cause of the problem, rather than just its symptoms
  3. Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals
  4. Is safe for the environment and animal inhabitants
  5. Reduces maintenance, saving you money and time
  6. Improved water quality and clarity
  7. Improved fish and water foul habitat
  8. Install at any location – Perfect for remote or limited utility sites
  9. Run on FREE solar energy – OFF the grid!
  10. Do not require trenching for 110 volt power line
  11. Provide 20-hour-per-day run times – Battery support at night
  12. Operate on safe, low voltage
  13. Provide excellent return on investment

Product Applications:

  1. Aquatic environments ranging in size from 1 to 5 acres*
  2. Ponds, lakes and remote installations
  3. Environmentally beneficial landscaping / aquascaping
  4. Ice removal

Every Solaer® system includes:

  1. 180 W Solar panel(s)
  2. Deep cycle gel cell solar batteries
  3. Brushless DC compressor
  4. Wiring harness
  5. Prostar charge control center
  6. 12/24 volt smart box converter
  7. Energy efficient, high volume air compressors
  8. Weather resistant recycled plastic cabinet equipped with
  9. cooling and sound reduction packages
  10. Programmable digital timer
  11. Fully-adjustable manifold with safety relief valve and
  12. pressure gauge
  13. Duraplate self-cleaning, non-clogging, membrane diffusers
  14. Complete fittings package
  15. Installation and maintenance manual

Optional Equipment:

  1. Alpine self-weighted feeder tubing
  2. Self-Cleaning, Non-clogging Duraplate Diffuser
  3. Replacement Air Intake Filter Element. 2 required to service one of the air filter housings
  4. Compressor Repair Kit: Includes replacement diaphragm, reed valves and gasket. (Models SB1 & SB2 have 1 compressor, models SB3 & SB4 have 2 compressors)

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