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Solaer® Koi and Small Pond Solar Aerator – Model SPS-1


The Solaer® solar aeration system is one of the most complete pond aeration systems available in the world. The patented Solaer® system provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of pond aeration. By aerating ponds using solar energy, clean and healthy water is constantly renewed using the free energy provided by the sun. The superior Solaer® system allows you to implement a one-of-a-kind system, powered by the sun, which needs virtually no maintenance.

The SPS-1 Solaer koi and small pond aerator represents another patented breakthrough from Keeton Industries. The SPS-1 solar-powered aerator for ornamental ponds has been designed to provide nearly continuous aeration for ornamental fisheries and koi pond applications up to 1/4 surface acres in size.

Solar Powered Lake

The Solar Pond Aerator system is completely automatic and easily operates in the coldest or hottest climates. It contains a highly efficient brushless DC series compressor that delivers the optimal amount of airflow via one efficient air diffuser on the bottom of your pond. The SB-1A can deliver up to 7.0psi and is designed for ponds with water depths no greater than 10 feet for most applications.

Product Benefits:

  1. Improves the esthetics and overall health of ponds and lakes
  2. Targets the cause of the problem, rather than just its symptoms
  3. Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals
  4. Is safe for the environment and animal inhabitants
  5. Reduces maintenance, saving you money and time
  6. Improved water quality and clarity
  7. Improved fish and water foul habitat
  8. Install at any location — Perfect for remote or limited utility sites
  9. Run on FREE solar energy — OFF the grid!
  10. Operate on safe, low voltage

Product Applications:

  1. Small ornamental ponds and lakes up to 1/4 acre*
  2. Remote installations

Each unit comes with the following:

  1. 80 Watt Solar Panel
  2. 1 Sealed, 110-hour Deep Cycle Solar Battery
  3. Complete Automatic Timer
  4. Smart Box System
  5. 50 ft. Alpine Heavyset Self-Weighed Air Tubing
  6. Duraplate Diffuser
  7. Installation/Maintenance Manual

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Homepage » Green Products » Solar Products » Solaer® Koi and Small Pond Solar Aerator – Model SPS-1