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Smart Window Helps To Save Energy


The scientists have developed a smart window that can prevent heat from outside, help to save energy for the house. Recommended reading: Glass Solar Panels Allow Smart Window Produce Power.

A window is to bring light into the house. Light carries heat, making the house hotter and thus, we often must turn on air conditioner. However, scientists have developed a smart window that can prevent heat from outside.

According to the Journal of Industrial research and Chemical Engineering, in the future, this technology will help to save energy and electricity bills in the hot days.

Smart Window

Scientists are also studying for smart windows that can prevent heat caused by electrical current, gas, light and other types of heat. This window is very suitable for humans who are sensitive to temperature especially it is useful in reducing used energy.

When the outside temperature increases, the window will turn in opaque, prevent heat to enter inside of the house while the light is still gone through. When the temperature drops, the window back in transparent.

Currently, smart windows are made from a plastic material that is called hydrogels. The disadvantage of the material is that it easily be expanded when meeting heat and this affects the quality of the product. This problem is being sought to overcome.

Reportedly, the scientists studied a new type of hydrogels that contains particles super floating in a liquid. That hydrogels were injected into between two layers of glasses that are installed trial in a model house. When the window is illuminated by lamplight simulating sunlight, the glass turns in opaque and keeps the house cool.

The new material does not cause expansion as the old material. Therefore, the researchers suggest that this would be potential materials in order to produce smart windows in the future.

Source: Sciencedaily.com

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Homepage » Green Products » Smart things » Smart Window Helps To Save Energy