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What is ‘Smart’ waste collection and how it could be used in future


In times of austerity and economic instability, we are always trying to be as efficient as we can with our money and that’s no different when it comes to waste disposal. Cities across the UK are being forced to look at how they manage their waste with smart cards in transit, energy grids and buildings. T

Often waste collection is contracted out to various local waste firms, with this a problem when it comes to expensive pricing which ends up falling on the residents to foot the bill. This can also lead to a poor service whilst companies increase their costs whilst cutting their service level. Residents should be encouraged to consider the amount of waste they produce.

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Smart waste collection

We are considered as collective producers of waste, whether we be commercial or domestic waste disposers. We dispose of waste on a rotating cycle and therefore a rotating cycle of collection is needed.

So now we are in a new age of modern technology, where chips can be used to record data. It should make sense to include these in our waste bins. This would go a long way in measuring the amount of waste we are using, the fill rates and last time of collection.

Measures could be put in place by equipping local council litter bins or business wheelie bins to measure the effects. Solar powered energy would be used because bins are often outside in the sun for long periods.

By having smart data from bins we would better plan the future of waste management and even record the types of waste residents are throwing out. Where data can be stored on a database it can then be shared between local authorities of different districts to compare and contrast.

Smart waste eco-systems

The objective of Smart waste eco-systems would offer the advantage of seeing how much waste was produced within a particular community. Data could also be collated to open up debate in local communities to how they can better reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Smart technology is waste disposal would offer the opportunity for residents to be rewarded by using their bins correctly and the frequency of items being recycled and therefore reused.

The long term objective for smart waste disposal would be to reduce the need for waste collections so frequently. In the UK and Europe these methods should be seriously considered as they are starting to review in the US.

As technology continues to grow and become more affordable, it’s only a matter of time until smart waste and smart eco-systems become a serious consideration. Whilst there may be a large initial cost when setting up, they will go a long way in saving money in the long term. Not only will our waste management be more efficient but we will also go along way to protecting our environment for future generations.

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Homepage » Green Products » Smart things » What is ‘Smart’ waste collection and how it could be used in future