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Deebot Vacuum Cleaners – Which One Should You Choose?

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The Ecovacs Deebot robotic vacuum cleaners are among the most advanced and most adored in the market. However, when faced with the task to choose only a single model, it becomes a challenge, particularly because of the similarities in some technologies used as well as their designs

Deebot Vacuum Cleaners

The Deebot N78, N79 and M80 Pro are the three models that enjoy the highest ratings and sales, most probably due to their affordability. Each of these models often please different buyers and users as they are designed to cater for different specific cleaning needs. To help you out of the dilemma on whether to choose the N78, N79 or the M80 Pro, this article reviews and analyses the features and specifications of each of these vacuums as well as their similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses. It’s our hope that it will act as an all-inclusive guide on choosing the exact Deebot vacuum cleaner model that will cater for all your vacuum cleaning needs.

Suction Type

Apart from the motor and power rating of a robotic vacuum, its suction type is what determines its suction power. The Deebot N78 operates with a direct brushless suction that is only ideal for loose dirt. The Deebot N79’s suction is via its brush, a design that makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to inhale all the dirt that is agitated by the brushes. Even more effective is the Deebot M80 Pro that combines the direct and brush suction. This ensures that all the dirt is sucked into the vacuum cleaner, thus perfect for all kinds of dirt.This design in turn, complements the M80 Pro’s suction power making it the winner under this category.

Brush Types

The types of brushes that a vacuum cleaner possesses determine how it cleans your floors. These three robotic vacuum cleaners come with different kinds of brushes intended for cleaning different types of spaces. The Deebot N78 comes with dual side brushes for cleaning of edges and flat surfaces. The Deebot N79 has 4 side brushes for an all-round cleaning, and the Deebot M80 Pro has 4 side brushes for cleaning of edges and corners, as well as a detachable brushroll for vacuuming carpets, hard surfaces and pet hairs. When it comes to brush types, the M80 Pro reigns, thanks to its combination of a brushroll and side brushes that ensure a through and through thorough clean for your floors.

Cleaning Modes

While regular vacuums depend on the user’s experience to determine how to clean different types of surfaces and dirt, robotic vacuums purely rely on the different cleaning modes. The Deebot N78 and N79 feature 4 cleaning modes each, including auto, spot, single room and edge cleaning modes. In addition to the auto, spot, edge and single room cleaning modes, the Deebot M80 Pro robotic vacuum also features an additional cleaning mode; the intense cleaning mode, making it the winner with a total of 5 modes. The auto cleaning mode is intended for automatic hands free control, the spot cleaning mode is for cleaning the dirtiest spots, the edge cleaning mode is for vacuuming edges and corners, and the single room mode is for single room vacuuming. The intense mode makes use of turbo power that is equivalent to double the normal suction power to get rid of the toughest and most stubborn dirt.

Filtration Systems

A vacuum cleaner filtration system is what determines the size of dirt particles that can be captured by the vacuum cleaner. The Deebot N78 robotic vacuum comes with a HEPA filter that can capture dirt particles of up to 10 microns. The N79 features a HEPA and sponge filter for even better capturing of dirt particles. The M90 Pro offers the best filtration featuring 2 sponge filters and 2 HEPA filters. With such reliable filtration, you won’t risk having airborne allergens, dirt and dust particles all over your environment even after vacuuming.

Remote Control

The best experience from owning any of these robotic vacuum cleaners is being able to control them remotely. Even though the N78 lacks Wi-Fi connection capabilities, it comes with a remote controller. The N79 has Wi-Fi compatibility and also comes with a remote controller. The M80 Pro also features a remote controller and Wi-Fi compatibility, as well as compatibility to smart home technologies such as Google Home and Alexa. The remote controller makes distant control a reality for all these vacuums. For Wi-Fi enabled models, you can easily control, schedule and track your vacuum cleaning progress via the Ecovacs App that can be installed on Android and iOS. The M80 Pro’s compatibility to smart home technologies ensures that it can be controlled remotely alongside other smart devices, via the app or web interface or even sound commands. This offers unsurmountable convenience for their users.

Flooring Type

Given the different technologies used in each of these robotic vacuum cleaners, it is certain that they were designed to perform better at particular floor types. For instance, the N78’s dual side brushes and gentle cleaning is ideal for hardwood floors, while the N79’s four side brushes and via brush suction makes it great for vacuuming both bare floors and carpets. Finally, the M80 Pro’s genius combination of a brushroll and four side brushes makes it the overall best at cleaning bare floors, carpets, pet hairs and pet messes.

Size and Dimensions

Even though each of these vacuums feature a low-profile cylindrical design, they are all different in size. The Deebot N78 measures 3.1 inches in height and 13.9 inches in width. The N78 measures 3.1 inches by 13.0 inches in height and width respectively, and the M80 Pro measures 3.3 inches by 13.9 inches in height and width respectively. These vacuums also have different weights of 9.7 pounds, 6.7 pounds and 9.7 pounds respectively.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are usually quite costly as compared to regular vacuum cleaners. Most of the time, their price usually increases with the number of features included in the vacuum cleaner. The N78, N79 and M80 Pro go for $198.69, $199.95 and $229.99 respectively. As much as these prices may seem too high for such tiny appliances, they are apparently among the most affordable models in the market.

Battery Life

Robotic vacuums are designed to traverse wider radii without limitations from cords. This is the main reason why they are propelled by a battery that should have a longer runtime. The N78, N79 and M80 Pro offer runtimes of 110 minutes, 100 minutes and 110 minutes respectively, which is enough to complete a vacuuming session. All these vacuums have a charge time of 4 to 5 hours, with the M80 Pro having a Nickel-Metal Hydride battery and the others having a Lithium ion battery.

Cleaning Capabilities

The cleaning capabilities of vacuums are what differentiate them from each other. For instance, the N78 and N79 have brushes that make it possible to vacuum different areas of floors. They do not have mopping capabilities, neither are they wet and dry vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, the Deebot M80 Pro has both vacuuming and mopping capabilities, which makes it the most versatile of the three.


The Deebot N78, N79 and M80 Pro are household names, and with the rate at which they are selling off store shelves, there is no doubt that brands such as iRobot should be worried. Having gone through the differences, let’s have a look at some of their similarities. First, they all feature the Ecovacs Smart Motion Navigation technology, infrared sensors, Anti-drop sensors and Anti-collision sensors to help with seamless steering around the house.

They also feature the automatic recharge system, an anti-spill dustbin design and no virtual boundary capabilities. From this review, it is apparent that the winner is the Deebot M80 Pro, but depending on your vacuuming needs and finances, the N78 and N79 models may be options that are more feasible for you.

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