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Using Postcards as an Effective Promotional Media


Have you ever lost contact while you were on the go? Now is the Internet era and most parts of the world has been surrounded by signals but certain places do not get a strong enough signal to communicate. Some tourist attractions have permanent issues related to signals and therefore postcards are still needed. Postcards are small cards that are often used to share holiday moments of pictures and writing. Postcards in the past few decades are very popular but along with the development of digital technology, the frequency of its use continues to decrease over time. However the use of this card is never really “lost”. Postcards remain useful and able to give a special impression to each recipient. Do you remember when you were wondering when the postman came? What the postcard provides cannot be completely replaced by the use of online social media. The Internet helps us a lot but cannot replace all things.


Since it was first released in Austria in the late 1800s, postcards grew in popularity with increasing time and peaked in the early 1990s. As the use of mobile phones became more prevalent, the frequency of use of postcards decreased and the reduction reached its peak when the smartphone era began. Smartphones are able to run various social media platforms that allow each user to share every momen in just seconds. We do not even need to spend anything except Internet charges. However, postcards still used until now, especially now many innovative companies that use postcards as a media campaign. As a media campaign, postcards are seen as very effective to represent the image of the company. Quality postcards usually indicate that the company being represented is also qualified. Many prospective consumers who assess the quality of a company from the quality of media campaigns used.

By using a postcard you will have the freedom to use your own design. You can choose design easily through the Internet and submit the work to third parties. Third parties here are needed because they are very professional and experts in the field, especially printing machines are usually sold at a price that is quite expensive. Of course you do not want to spend a lot of money on your secondary activities (advertising). You need cheap printing service to realize your dreams using a postcard (with your own design) as an effective promotional medium.

As a postal object, postcards also have their own criteria. Criteria in question include the thickness of the materials used, the size of the card, to how large the picture is allowed. These criteria may differ depending on where the postcard is published but in general all postcards in the world are the same. As mentioned above, you are advised to use help from third parties in making your postcards. In choosing a printing company that will produce your card, you need to consider several factors.

The first factor is of course reputation. You can find many companies that provide printing services but there are only a few who are able to provide quality according to what you want. You can listen to any testimony sent in connection with the experience of using the service. Make sure every testimony provided is genuine. It would be better if you join into online forums that discuss about postal objects. There you will get neutral advice related to cheap postcard printing. Why is there a word “cheap” here? Of course because “cheap” does not have the definition of “not quality”. If you can get quality printing services at low prices why choose the expensive ones? Move your fingers in the search engine then you will find many things to suit your taste.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » Using Postcards as an Effective Promotional Media