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The Major Features and Most Famous Brands of Earth Friendly Shopping Bags


The greening of society has added new complexity to usual shopping bags made from plastic and other similar hazardous materials. These are so-called earth friendly (or eco-friendly) shopping bags. The shopping bags can be disposable (single use plastic or paper bags) or reusable (which can be used several times). According to some sources, only about 5% of plastic shopping bags are recycled in the world, which means that most of these abominable bags remain in the nature.

Earth Friendly Shopping Bags

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We all understand that earth friendly shopping bags are more environmentally responsible than shopping bags made from plastic, but most people don’t want to carry groceries in the same bag for fear of contamination. On the other hand, if somebody decides to use an eco-friendly shopping bag, the question is which shopping bag is the best eco-choice? Therefore, let’s look at the some of the options:

  • Canvas shopping bags – These shopping bags are available in organic cotton, conventional cotton, or even hemp. During the cultivation of conventional cotton, a large number of dangerous herbicides are used to defoliate this cotton prior to its harvesting. Organic cotton is better solution, but it uses a significant amount of water. The environmental impact of the fabric shopping bags is directly proportional to their weight. So if you’re looking for a canvas shopping bag, choose a lighter one.
  • Polyester and polypropylene shopping bags – They are easily portable bags made from a thin but very durable fabric. This shopping bag fits in your pocket, and has only about 50 grams. As far as polypropylene shopping bags, they are mainly designed as a brown paper bag. However, their production has some negative impacts on the environment like greenhouse gas emissions, but much less in comparison with traditional plastic shopping bag.
  • Bamboo fabric shopping bags – Bamboo bags look very nice and fashionable. By the way, they are reusable and save the environment.
  • Paper shopping bags – These earth friendly shopping bags are biodegradable, but on the other hand they cause forest cutting. Therefore, their production of recycled paper and paperboard is the best solution for the environment.

Earth friendly shopping bags have a lot of benefits, both for the environment and humanity. Their main features are:

  • They are made of sustainable materials;
  • Most of them are biodegradable;
  • Do not contain toxic materials and allergens;
  • Can be reusable and recyclable;
  • Resistant to wear and suitable for everyday use;
  • Good for the environment – minimize environmental impact;
  • Fashionable and lovely looking.

In shopping centers as well as online stores, there is a wide range of earth friendly shopping bags, from a variety of materials and in a variety of designs. Just to mention some popular brands, such as: Gunther Mele, Pepe Jeans (London), Lion Brand Yarn, Fuson, Doodle-Bag, Tianguo, and so on.

In addition to their positive impacts on the environment, earth friendly shopping bags are very stylish, and they have become one of the new bag fashion trends around the world. Many famous designers and popular fashion companies are promoting their brands of shopping bags. These branded bags come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, and they are the perfect substitute for hazardous plastic shopping bags.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » The Major Features and Most Famous Brands of Earth Friendly Shopping Bags