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Production of Clean Water From The Air


A Company of Israel recently introduced the clean water production system from weak air, that can meet the demand of water for many residential areas in the the future.

According to CNN, clean water production equipment called GENius, which acts as an adapter for cooling the air and condensating. 

clean water

A water production equipment Genius. Image credit: Water-Gen

After being put into the GENius system, clean air is removed water steam. Water from the air will be collected in a tank. Here, the water will be led through a filtration system to get rid of dirt, remove chemicals and microorganisms. The tank inside will store and protect clean water in high quality ensure conditions.

“Many Companies have ever applied method on separating water from the air. This seems pretty simple, but the problem is how to implement effectively. And produce as much as possible with each kilowatt of electric”. Arye Kohavi, representatives of Water-Gen Company, a manufacturer of clean water production system said.

Water-Gen system can produce 250-800 liters of water per day, depending on temperature and humidity. The cost of electric used to produce one liter of water is about 2 cents ($ 0.02).

Initial production target of GENius is used to meet the demand of water for Israel Defense Forces (IDF). GENius equipments have been sold for many military units in seven other countries.

In the future, Water-Gen hopes that this equipment can serve the demand of people in developing countries and regions that are lacking of lean water for daily living. In India, GENius can produce one liter of water at a cost of 1.5 rupees, it is lower than amount of 15 ruppes for a little of bottled water.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 780 million people worldwide currently do not have enough of clean water, every year there are 3.4 million of people die from diseases related to dirty water. Water-Gen hopes that their products can contribute to a useful solution in the current water crisis.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » Production of Clean Water From The Air