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The Many Benefits When You Use Led Grow Lights


If you are also fond of an indoor garden, then you must be confused about how it works and what lighting you should use for it. Over the years, people have changed their preference and the demand for LED lights has increased by leaps and bounds. The reason for which are not few but many. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of using LED lights over other lights for indoor gardens:

  1. Extended lives

These lights have a really long life. This is the major benefit of using them is they free you from the tension of replacing them and installing new lights every now and then. A good set of LED lights will run for at least 100,000 hours and this means that for around eleven years you are free from any trouble or tension.

Led Grow Lights

Another of their great quality is that they start giving your prior signals before they are going to die. They do just abruptly cease one day and put your working to a cease, but they start having a decline in their brightness over time which is a signal they will go off in sometime. This gives you time to be prepared for it so that you can replace them on time.

  1. Optimized Wavelengths

Growing plants indoor is no piece of cake. It needs to be carefully monitored to make them grow healthily. The most important thing is proper temperature which will let the natural processes like photosynthesis happen.

This is where the need of right lighting comes from:

The research has proven that plans respond differently to different wavelengths of light.

To prevent that from happening you have to keep them exposed to a nominal wavelength of light. This is very difficult with HPS lights. This regulation and monitoring could be done on LED lights only. So, for that you need to install LED lights which can be optimized accordingly.

  1. Less heat more light

The best feature about these lights is that they emit more light as compared to heat. This is one issue that comes with HPS light as they emit so much heat which increases the temperature and the plants cannot grow properly then. The issue though is solved with LED lights and this way it also consumes less energy.

  1. Power savings

These are like long term investments and you want to make the best out of them. This is going to happen only when they are feasible and economical in terms of their maintenance. This is the case with LED lights. They are so low maintenance and reduce your power bills by 40% over other HPS lights. This makes their usage even more optimum.

  1. LED lights come with the feature of flexibility

Another interesting feature in these lights is that of flexibility in design which is absolutely missing in other lights. This comes really handy in greenhouse plants growing wherein you need to put lights at different angels and positions.

LED lights can be put to different uses:

  • Ceiling lights
  • multilayer vertical systems
  • Inter-lighting designs

For every kind of plan you would need to make different lighting arrangements which are only possible with LED lights.

  1. LED lights cost you less

Initially when you are shopping, you might find the price of HPS lights relatively cheaper but when put to use you will see that how LED lights are a better and more economical choice. They have a longer life, so they are kind of one time investment while in that time you would have to replace the HPS lights many times, then they run on less power which makes their usage cost even cheaper. This makes them a better choice with a low price tag.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. They absorb more chlorophyll while being exposed to high wavelengths like blue and green and therefore you can go to Lumi Growth to take advantage of this fact.

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