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Automatic Irrigation Robot


The automatic features help that robot to irrigate for each type of plant under the previously programmed and it is expected to replace humans in the future.

According to Cnet, irrigation robot called Droplet is designed from the idea of creating a series of gardening intelligent robot that can replace humans.

irrigation Robot

An irrigation Robot – Droplet. Image credit: Ubergizmo

The robot is designed based on technology “cloud computing”. The other connected devices help Droplet to watch the direction of jet to each plant within a radius of 9.14 meter. An accuracy programming system in the structure allows robot towards the jet to the correct position without shot out of water.

Automatic features of Droplet will help robot to identify type of soil, plants and other data. Before operating, the users will provide information on type of plant in the garden through wireless connection to the Droplet. 

With cloud computing technology, automatic watering system Droplet can monitor the weather in each region. Thus, Droplet will determine the sufficient water amount to irrigate.

Based on these benefits, the use of Droplet will save money and water resources significantly for the world.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » Automatic Irrigation Robot