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Green Lumia 1520 With An Easily Recycled Back Cover


Microsoft Mobile has added a new color version for the Lumia 1520: green color. Green is the color on the Lumia 930 and now in the 1520. The especial is Microsoft will equip the lid back on the Green Lumia 1520 for easily recycled to protect the environment.

Nokia Lumia 1520, the world’s first smartphone that reminds you of appointments and alerts, just like a real assistant. See things on your phone more clearly on its 6″ HD 1080p display, and capture life’s precious moments with the incredible 20 MP camera. Browse for hours on end with a 3400 mAh battery. Keep using your touchscreen even with gloves on, or even use your fingernails.

Green Lumia 1520

Enjoy Windows 8.1 on your Nokia 1520 on a large 6″ HD screen. Cortana – your very own personal assistant – comes pre-installed. You will also have access to Word Flow, the new smartphone keyboard that makes texting easy. Your intelligent smartphone runs on a 3400 mAh battery with a wireless charging shell. Take crisp, bright pictures on your 20MP camera and your Nokia 1520 organizes it all for you. External microSD card available up to 64 GB.

If you’re tired of carrying around your phone, tablet, and laptop, worry not. You can both work and play on your Lumia 1520. With built-in Microsoft Office applications, why carry a laptop at all? You can easily switch between apps and work with Nokia’s easy-to-use interface.

Use your Lumia to use and edit documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without losing the original format. Then simply save to OneDrive and continue working on it when you feel like it. Enjoy enterprise-level security; your sensitive documents will be kept safe.

Get creative with Nokia’s 20MP PureViewTM with Zeiss optics and the Lumia Creative Studio app. Take better pictures with dual LED flash or the improved low light feature and edit with five filters and other cool tools. Choose from more than 175,000 Windows apps. Or just listen to music for hours – up to 124 hours, to be precise.

You can see the Green Lumia 1520’s promo clip on YouTube of Nokia by Microsoft management.

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Homepage » Green Products » Green Lumia 1520 With An Easily Recycled Back Cover