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Contemporary Trends of Solar Products in 2015


Solar technologies are used for thermal systems as well as for different purposes more than forty years. However, these technologies will be developed in the coming years. Every day, scientists are discovering new solar products and systems that work on solar energy. Their use in homes and factories is higher than before and solar products will increasingly replace conventional devices that consume a lot of electricity. In the text below you can see the trends of solar products in 2015. Recommended reading: A Few Useful Tips For Buying Solar Products.

Trends of Solar Products

Contemporary Trends of Solar Products in 2015

The Chinese tariff rate of solar panels will fall below 65 cents per watt in 2015

The American Department of Commerce issued a preliminary overview of the import tariffs on Chinese solar panels in the U.S. The old tax was 0.71 dollars per watt, but it is expected that the solar tax will fall to $0.64 per watt in 2015. This tariff reduction will be a great incentive for all Chinese manufacturers of solar collectors that export their products in America. 

The market share of high-efficiency solar products will be lower this year

According to some research, there will be a significant reduction in the cost of all high-efficiency solar technologies in this year. Here’s the percentage market share by cell technology in the last year and solar trend in 2015:

  • Thin-film silicon:                                          10% (in 2014) – 9% (in 2015)
  • Advanced Multi c-Si:                                     25% (in 2014) – 30% (in 2015)
  • Advanced P-type Mono c-Si:                        8% (in 2014) – 10% (in 2015)
  • Standard Multi c-Silicones:                            36% (in 2014) – 30% (in 2015)
  • Standard Mono c-Silicones:                          15% (in 2014) – 14% (in 2015)
  • N-type Mono c-Silicones:                             6% (in 2014) – 7% (in 2015)

The growing trend of PV cell production 

Annual growth of photovoltaic power is currently 40% in the European Union. Plan of the European Union was the installation of 3000 MWp until 2010, but it turned out that was installed only 1780 MWp until that year. EU countries have set themselves an ambitious aim to increase the share of renewable energy from 8.5% in 2005 to 20% of the total energy consumption in the EU until 2020. Increased production of photovoltaic cells is expected from: China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Germany and the United States.

Continued decline in the price of solar panels 

As in previous years, the cost reduction of solar panels will be another solar trend in 2015. Distributed solar system prices dropped by 14-19% in 2014, and it is expected to drop another 5-12% (depending on the market segment and system location) in 2015.

Preferred solar products in 2015

Increased demand for certain solar products is a solar trend in 2015. Solar-powered pumpsolar cell phone, solar notebook, solar powered watch, photovoltaic panels and solar lamps are just some of the solar products that are in high demand this year.

Inverter manufacturers focus on grid integration

Utilities have become very expensive today. Many inverter manufacturers are looking for the best solutions to mitigate some of these utilities. This is one more trends of solar products in 2015. The PV Penetration share of total electricity installed capacity is different in various countries. For example, it is the smallest in the United Kingdom and U.S. (below 5%), but this share is very large in Japan (20-25%), Germany (about 20%) and Italy (nearly 15%).

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Homepage » Green Products » Contemporary Trends of Solar Products in 2015