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Innovative Wind Turbine Monitor announced by WHOI


WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)   issued the Patent for automatic turbine control by sensing of surrounding. Among all the available energy sources, Wind energy is the most eco-friendly and green alternative to fuel based energy.

The increased number of windmills per year highlights the requirement for prediction of the nature and surrounding behaviour, and the ability to quickly direct the operation of wind turbines in accordance to change in the surrounding conditions from both outer sources and the turbine itself.

Wind Turbine Monitor

The engineers at The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution developed MIME (Multimodal Environmental Impact Monitor), capable of monitoring flicker, acoustic noise, and vibration generated by wind turbines. This information from MIME will further be utilized to give input to the turbine control system which in turn will optimize the working efficiency of turbine and improve production of energy. Turbine operation administrators and its environmental engineers are held back by non availability of environmental or surrounding data due to which the optimization to wind turbines are not performed. The impact of its operation on humans is not determined and the energy output is not maximized.

MIME Inventor Paul Fucile and WHOI Senior Engineer said “Current models for blade shadow flicker don’t take into account surrounding reflectors or structures, only topography and sun placement, and such estimates may be inaccurate”. Facile likewise notes that the data about infrasound generated by turbine blades is the major head turner for many research institutes and has major scope in years to come. Research institutes are interested in finding the health impacts on humans and environment in nearby areas of turbine and the MIME does it with great precision.

Precisely finding the health impacts on human and environment in nearby areas enables the builders to properly plan the establishment of turbines such that there is negligible effect on the surrounding and no bad effect on human health by the wind will.

MIME is proposed for permanent establishment at windmills for continuous data gathering with the ability of turbine control, “The objective is to give something that is reasonable (Cost friendly) and easy to use,” says Fucile.

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Homepage » Green Energy » Wind Energy » Innovative Wind Turbine Monitor announced by WHOI