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How Vortex Bladeless Turbines Generate Energy


Traditional blade-turbines have long been known to generate energy from wind. Now, bladeless ones will change the history! Vortex bladeless turbines are wind-driven generators that convert wind power into electricity. Specifically, the features of these turbines are engineered to minimize their physical footprints, being bladeless, and their aural impact, operating in silence. Now, let’s chop this information into bite-sizes.

Vortex Bladeless Turbines

Vortex bladeless turbines boast a number of advantages over the traditional spinning ones. Many say that the latter has more drawbacks imposing danger to flying animals, most especially birds. Add to this that traditional ones eat larger space due to their enormous size and produce noise while operating or spinning. In contrast, Vortex bladeless turbines are more compact having a needle structure pinned in place. This design structure is also advantageous in a sense that these units can be planted near each other. This positioning will also increase the efficiency of one Vortex blade turbine by generating more power per square meter as areas are maximized.

Aside from the physical advantages of these units, Vortex bladeless turbines also provide economic advantages being more cost effective with 80% cheaper maintenance expenses. Manufacturing cost per turbine is also at least 50% lower. Add to this that these produce 40% less carbon footprint! Then, Vortex bladeless turbines are also more environment-friendly designed compared to their traditional counterparts.

Now, how do Vortex bladeless turbines specifically produce electricity from wind power? These take into advantage of the phenomenon vorticity or the swirling motion of winds creating repeated patterns of vortices which are produced as air passes structures like that of Vortex bladeless turbines. In simpler terms, little whirlwinds are created as a mass of air get passes through a turbine. Consequently, these wind actions will cause some of the parts of a turbine to oscillate or to wobble and, in turn, move the magnets located near the unit’s base. This action will then generate electricity.

Vortex first model that will be introduced is the Mini. This stands 12.5 meters that is intended only for small-scale wind generation. Vortex bladeless turbines are actually not the first bladeless electricity generators but there are also Solar Aero and Saphonian. However, the precision of terms aroused as an issue since Solar Aero turbine is not actually bladeless having its blades are covered with a housing while Saphonian is not really a turbine because of the lack of spinning parts.

To sum up, Vortex bladeless turbines demand for less material, less carbon footprints, and less manufacture and maintenance cost with an exchange for more efficient electricity generators.

Go green with escalating technology!

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Homepage » Green Energy » Wind Energy » How Vortex Bladeless Turbines Generate Energy