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Perovskite – The Future of Solar Energy Technology


Recently, scientists have advanced another step in the technological development of solar energy battery by a material that is called Perovskite.

Perovskite is a potential material for energy technologies that is used to produce solar batteries. This new technology will have a much lower cost than traditional silicon panels and particularly it is friendly with environment because it does not contain toxic substances.

The next step could be a new breakthrough in the energy industry when panels using perovskite is expected to achieve energy conversion efficiency up to 15% and scientists believe that this performance can be improved if there is more time to study more.


A pice of Perovskite.

Scientists at Northwestern University, USA are the first people to develop solar battery using Perovskite in order to absorb light. The cost of production is very low, only about 1/6 in compared with conventional batteries using silicon. In addition, Perovskite is a very thin lightweight material and it is friendly with environment because it does not contain toxic substances.

“This is a breakthrough in the using of energy in the future, by the use of perovskite solar panels, a material that is extremely effective” Mercouri G Kanatzidis – a inorganic chemistry expert said. 

Perovskite layer is sandwiched between two layers of static electricity and acting when this material obsorbs sunlight when it is placed at the outside, a professor of materials science and technology said. 

In the solid state, effectiveness of the Perovskite panels is approximately 6%, which is a relatively good start. There are two things that make this material so special; it can absorb most of the light spectrum and the perovskite ore is easily purified by simple chemical reactions. 

There is no reason why this new material can not achieve high efficiency of over 15%. The panels using Perovskite as conductor can do more. This is the basis because tin and lead are in same group in the periodic table that scientists expects a similar result as panels using acid mixing with lead. 

The perovskite solar panels have been only studied in the laboratory since 2008. In 2012, two scientists Kanatzidis and Chang reported the results of studies with promising efficiency, environmental safety and lower production costs for this material.

Solar power is available and this is the only energy source that can be stable forever. If we know how to increase the use of this energy efficiently we can improve living standards and help protect the environment” Kanatzidis said.

Producted panels includes 5 classes. The first layer is made of electrically charged glass that allows sunlight can light into the inner solar cells.

Tiếp theo là một lớp Titanium dioxide được lắng đọng trên tấm kính như một cầu nối phía trước nhằm liên kết với các tế bào năng lượng mặt trời. Next is a layer of titanium dioxide that deposited on the glass front as a bridge to link the solar cells.

Perovskite materials is the core layer of panels and where the absorption of light energy to convert into electricity. Perovskite layer is covered in a government chemical oxidation avoid damaging the battery core and a cover layer of the core is designed to close the circuit forms a complete photovoltaic cells that can be placed outside. This requires Kanatzidis and colleagues have found the chemicals to not discrupt the structure of the perovskite.

Finally, an external resistor layer creates a complete panel. All 5 layers is 1-2 micron thickness, it is much thinner than silicon. The researchers then checked the equipment by sunlight and recorded an energy conversion efficiency of trial period is 5.73%.

Perovskite ore contains a small amount of toxic heavy metals as lead, therefore, a problem need to be solved that ensuring surrounding environment when mining.

Although the need to go through some more time to research and develop, but with the advantage of features, perovskite would be potential for clean energy industry and cheaper in the near future.

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