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Find Out Which Are Currently The Most Successful Solar Inverter Company


Solar energy is becoming a very popular source of renewable energy, which is mainly used to produce electricity. The solar inverters convert the DC (variable direct current) output of a photovoltaic solar panel in an AC (frequency alternating current) that can be used in a local commercial electrical grid or in off-grid electrical network. Many companies have realized the importance of solar energy converting, and let’s see the most successful solar inverter companies in the world.

Solar Inverter Company

1. SMA Solar Technology AG – It is a solar energy equipment supplier from Germany, which was founded in 1981, with headquarters in Niestetal (Hesse). SMA is a manufacturer and producer of solar inverters for photovoltaics inverter systems with off-grid power supply, backup operations and grid connection. This Germany solar inverter company has about 40% market share of the Global Market. SMA Solar has offices in 21 countries and more than 5.000 employees.

2. Power-One – Very successful US (from California) solar inverter company which has gained the fastest growth in 2010 with about 13% of market share. Power-One is mainly concentrated in Europe, but is now expanding to Asian countries, too. It’s considered the world’s second-largest solar inverter manufacturer.

3. Kaco New Energy – This is another solar inverter company from Germany (like SMA), and one of the leading manufacturers of solar inverters and energy / storage systems technology. This company is perhaps not as successful as SMA Solar, but it is certainly one of the big players.

4. Fronius International GmbH – Solar company from Australia, based in Pettenbach (Upper Austria). This company is active in the fields of battery and photovoltaics charging technology, as well as welding technology. Fronius employed about 3,350 people worldwide in 2013, and it has sales offices in 20 countries. In 2009, Fronius was a top 3 solar inverter company, but it was suppressed later by the other companies, such as Power-One, SMA, etc.

5. Sungrow Power Supply Co. – Chinese inverter manufacturer which was founded in 1997 (by Mr. Renxian Cao) in Hefei. Now, it is an Asia’s largest solar inverter manufacturer – with more than 40% market share in China. They still hold a leading position in the huge Chinese market, and deliver more than 2 gigawatts of inverters (mainly in the domestic market) every quarter of the year.

6. Japanese suppliers Tabuchi, Omron and TMEIC – These Japanese manufacturers definitely belong in the top 10 solar inverter companies in the world. There is an evident increase of these three inverter manufacturers in the global market, so these suppliers are likely to further improve their market positions in 2015.

7. Schieder Electric – This European multinational corporation is specialized in automation management, electricity distribution and installation energy components. In addition to this, they got into the solar inverter production (purchasing Canadian Producer Xantrex) and they also operate well in this field. Their headquarters are based in Rueil-Malmaison, France.

8. Advanced Energy – It is a semiconductor company from USA. They develop power technologies for the production of semiconductors, architectural glass, data storage products, flat panel displays, solar cells and so on. However, Advanced Energy is also a big US manufacturer of solar inverters. As a solar inverter company, they also achieved great success in the Solar Market.

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Homepage » Green Energy » Solar Energy » Find Out Which Are Currently The Most Successful Solar Inverter Company