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Find Out About The Most Famous Solar Companies In The World


The first commercial use of solar cells was in the 1950s, when Bell Labs made them for application in space. At the beginning, the cost of solar energy was very large, and solar products were unavailable for households and wide use. However, things have changed since 1977 when the price of solar collectors has dropped nearly 100 times over. This was a great incentive for every solar company.

Solar technologies are well developed and the global competition in the renewable energy sector is very fierce. Some of the most famous solar companies are located in the U.S. and the countries of the Far East (China, Japan, Korea), but their large competitors are companies from the Western Europe (especially Germany). Here is a list of the most successful solar energy companies in the world.

Solar Companies

Some of the most famous solar companies are located in the U.S.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a large solar company based in China. It has started production since 2009 and has a production capacity of 600 MW in wafer, ingot, solar cell and module production. This company produces solar panels of poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline silicon solar cells.

Verengo Solar

This solar company has specialized in the installation of residential solar power systems. Verengo Solar has installed about 12,000 residential solar systems in New York, Connecticut, California and New Jersey.

Solar City

Solar City is well known company in America based in San Mateo, California. Their main services are: installation and design of solar systems, revision of the energy efficiency and construction of charging stations for electric-powered vehicles.

Trina Solar

This solar company from China is another big competitor in the field of solar technology. Their main products are polycrystalline silicon panels and solar modules. Trina solar provides clean, reliable solar energy for businesses, households and power plants around the world.

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT)

This company has grown its revenue by about 1.000% in the past five years. The company headquarters is located in Merrimack (New Hampshire), but the operations headquarters is based in Hong Kong. Also, they have many business units in Montana, Missoula, Santa Rosa, Salem and other cities across America. Their principal products are: poly-silicon production equipment, PV ingot solar systems, power electronics, sapphire products and advanced thermal solar systems.

First Solar

The headquarters of the company is in at Arizona, USA. They also operate in Malaysia and Germany. This solar company began manufacturing in 2005, and they are known for their thin film modules (of cadmium telluride). The production capacity of this company is about 2.3 GW.

Suntech Power Co.

This is another Chinese solar company that occupies a significant place in the manufacturing of solar panels. They provide solar systems in Germany, Japan and US. Suntech Power has delivered over 13.000.000 solar panels in 80 countries. They produce solar panels of poly c-Si, mono c-Si and thin silicon film. Estimated production capacity is 2.4 GW (around 1,800 MW annually).

Gehrlicher Solar AG

Gehrlicher Solar is the most famous solar company from Germany with project experience on four continents. Headquarters is located in Neustadt near Coburg (administrative headquarters in Dornach). They produce photovoltaic systems for roofs and open areas. Also, the company acts as a wholesaler for photovoltaic systems, solar panels, solar modules and inverters.

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Homepage » Green Energy » Solar Energy » Find Out About The Most Famous Solar Companies In The World