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Manufacturing Algea Biofuel From Green Algea


Isuzu Motors Cooporation and Euglena Company (Japan) have just signed the memorandum in order to give birth to a new kind of fuel from green algae (named Algae Biofuel) that can be used to replace the current petroleum products.

Recently, breakthrough corporation in development of technologies for environmental protection between the Isuzu Motors and Euglena Company (Japan) to give birth a new kind of fuel – Algae Biofuel that can be used to replace current petroleum products for pickups, buses and some other commercial vehicles.

algea biofuel

An algea biofuel bus

Environmental cooperation

June, 2014, the Isuzu Motors Corporation and Euglene Company (Company specializing in growing Euglenophyta green algae with industrial scale) have signed an agreement on engine development and production of fuel from green algae. This is considered steps for breakthrough development of biofuels to replace petroleum products, diesel oil now.

 On July 1st, 2014, the first bus in the world of Isuzu Motors Corporation operating by biofuels that is made by green algae started rolling on the streets of the Fujisawa city (Japan). The bus that only uses Algae Biofuels can run 22 trips per day.

The scientists of the two Companies are expected to be able to develop the first bus system in the world that run by biofuel from green algae in 2018 or earlier in compared with the plan.


Currently, companies, corporations in manufacturing and assembling of automobiles in over the world still perform criteria for creating environmental friendly products. Therefore, the development of “green” automobile that run by biofuel is still the top priority steps.

The first success of project for buses running by fuel from green algae of Isuzu Motors and Euglena shows that the development and use of biofuels is the biggest concern, and the most promising of these environmental products that can replace gasoline and diesel oil. 

The simple reason is using hydrogen fuel and electric as current is only a temporary solution and it does not solve the main problem that is ability to run long way of cars without stop to add more fuel.

However, the disvantages of biofuel is causing huge load for vehicles, “we hope that after 4 years, we can create technology that allows the use of 100% Algae Biofuel” representative of Isuzu Motors Corporation said

Reportedly, refined oil from Euglenophyta green algae contains a compound that attracts the attention of scientists, this is potential raw material for biofuels with cheaper and most likely it will overcome the disadvantages of other typical fuel.

In addition, it contains more chlorophyll that can absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), an essential element in protecting the environment today.

Applications of biofuel

As of now, there are 6 flights using biofuel completely and they took off and landed safely and successfully, which has 4 flights from headquarters of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Fuel for those 6 flights is extracted from used cooking oil, corn oil, Germany sesame oil and from the molasses in the sugar industry. 

Thereby, the executive authorities, traffic managers confirm that the use of biofuel (or Algae Biofuel) as one of solution in order to develop traffic sustainablely as well as contribute greatly in environmental protection and public health.

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Homepage » Green Energy » Green fuels » Manufacturing Algea Biofuel From Green Algea