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Coffee Grounds Can Store Methane


Scientists have developed a straightforward method to treat coffee grounds to permit them to store methane. The straightforward soak and heating method develops a carbon capture material with the extra environmental advantages of using a material.

Methane capture and storage provides a double environmental come back – it removes a harmful gas from the atmosphere which will then be used as a fuel that’s cleaner than different fossil fuels.

Coffee Grounds

The process developed by the researchers, based mostly at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, involves soaking the coffee grounds in potassium hydroxide and heating to 700-900 °C in a fiery furnace. This made a stable carbon capture material in less than a day – a fraction of the time it takes to produce carbon capture materials.

This resulted within the production of a stable carbon capture material in beneath on a daily basis, that the researchers claim is far faster than the time taken for the assembly of alternative carbon capture materials.

Reading more: http://ioppublishing.org/newsDetails/coffee-waste

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Homepage » Green Energy » Green fuels » Coffee Grounds Can Store Methane