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Recycled Water From Human Waste


A project that turns human waste into water and electrical energy to assist developing countries has been implemented. The crazy-seem project is attracting attention by its sponsors to fund the charity’s wife by founder Bill Gates: Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation.

There are at least 2 billion people that do not use the clean toilet or must go outside. These wastes can pollute water sources for millions of users later.

Recycled Water

Bill Gates drinking recycled water. Image credit: Business Insider

Omniprocessor is the machine that is manufactured by Janicki Biology Company that is capable of extracting and filtering water from waste. The water then is hygienic and can be used as drinking water. The remaining waste will be calcined to produce steam in order to run a generator.

To demonstrate the technology, Bill Gates has tried to drink a glass of water has been distilled few minutes ago. He said that taste of this water is not different from bottled mineral water and ready to drink daily.

“In history there are many innovative products for charitable purposes but never been in practical applications”, Gates said.

In the future, this project will be tested in Senegal, a country in West Afica. 

The next generation is capable of turning waste of 100,000 people into 86,000 liters of water and 250kw of electricity.

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Homepage » Corporate Social Responsibility » Recycled Water From Human Waste