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How Home Water Leakage Affects People Living Inside

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We all know that water is an essential part of our lives and we have to drink it constantly without the possibility to avoid it. However, the water damage is not that healthy, and it can cause serious issues and damage for your both health and quality of life.

Apart from appearance problem, when serious flooding occurs, we have to spare thousands of dollars to repair everything. In case of leakage, people think that it is not a problem, because it cannot cause significant damage like a flood. Alternatively, can it?

Water Leakage

You can check how to protect your home from water damage on this particular website: http://www.ramco.ca because you should have in mind that water leak can create havoc for both your home and health similar as a full-scale flood.

We decided to present you a comprehensive guide for you to understand that small amount of water damage can cause risk, dangers, and even more consequences than flooding:

  1. It Will Drive Property Value Down

This goes without saying, if you have a house that has a history of water damage, you won’t be able to sell it for a significant price. This is a problem that could reappear, and even if you’ve fixed damage, it can affect other parts of your house such as foundation.

This will easily compromise your bargaining position, especially if you decide to sell your home. Therefore, it is essential to take care of water leaks as soon as they appear because that will prevent significant damage and possibility to reduce the value of your property.

More information on factors that could drive property value down, you can check by clicking here.

  1. Fungal and Mold Growth

Now, we’re talking about health. The greatest evil that could happen due to water damage is the possibility to grow fungi and molds within your home. This is quite unhealthy because they produce spores that run through the air and can cause severe health issues after long-term living in this particular area.

You should have in mind that it is almost inevitable to get mold spores withi9n crannies and nooks of your home, but if you leave it in dry areas, they can cause harm problems.

More information on how mold affects health, you can check by visiting this particular website: https://www.cdc.gov/mold/dampness_facts.htm

You should have in mind that water triggers their growth, which means that in the presence of water; they will proliferate and fill other areas with unhealthy and unsightly mold that will produce spores and cause pollution in the air.

Health damage varies from individual to individual, but for average person spores in the air can cause nasal congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing and sneezing. These symptoms are problematic, and they will grow especially if you have a history of the weak immune system.

For example, infants that grow up in infested homes, have more chances of developing asthma.

  1. Everything Leads To Structural Damage

Apart from mold growth, which is one of the greatest health hazards that can happen by water damage, other problems could happen due to a water leak. The damage can become structural and cause expensive repairs and even problems with foundations.

First, you will notice aesthetic effects such as discoloration, staining and streak leaks, which is only an initial signal that should shake you up and give you a reason to fix it as soon as possible.

You should have in mind that when drywall starts to absorb water from water damage, it would start to swell and warp. This happens with other materials too, which can ultimately lead to structural damage to your home.

For example, it can affect support beans and cause devastation problems. Therefore, the best way to do is to inspect your home frequently and invest in repair as soon as you notice the problem.

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